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A bit about us and what we do!

Holt Community Centre opened in 1975 and is a registered charity, which exists to provide a affordable space and a welcoming community environment for the benefit of Holt and its locals. We changed our name in October of 2019 to The Venue Holt Community and Arts Centre to include all of our art-based events which includes one of the rooms available to hire, the incredible area called ‘The Anwen and John Hurt Exhibition Space’ that was launched during the ‘February Feel Good Film Festival’ of February of 2022!

We’re always up to something whether it’s a live music event or one of our regular Bingo nights. Definitely lots going on and hopefully something for everyone, have a look for yourself and see what’s on for the next month or so, check out our ‘Events’ page and see what tickles your fancy! There’s never a dull moment here at The Venue, we don’t just hold different events we also have a variety of weekly user groups that might be of interest to you too, check them out via the ‘Weekly Users’ page!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better I tell you that all rooms of The Venue are rentable for hire! We have a whole variety of different sized rooms to accommodate all your needs, from a small back room (the smallest hireable one) from just £9 per hour to our largest room, the main hall for £16.50 per hour and a whole range in between. Fancy hosting your Wedding reception, Baby shower, Birthday Party or anything else with us? Drop us an Email or give us a call or come to visit us in The Venue, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re a venue of many talents but none of these incredible things I’ve mentioned could be done without our amazing team of staff and volunteers, we’re always very welcoming of new volunteers who decide to join the team, and our most needed volunteer activity is our weekly Community Cafe every Thursday 10-1:30 pm, we try our best to accommodate our volunteers in the best possible way, there’s a job for everyone any ability, age or experience! Whether you like cooking or welcoming the attendees out front with teas and coffees, we’ll always make you feel welcome!

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