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Some groups were able to return after 12th April and other remaining user groups returned after 17th May 2021.

The centre has adapted to the current situation concerning Covid-19. See below.


Please partner with us to support the centre. We are asking for the equivalent of just £2 per week (£104 per year). In return for your donation, you will receive 10% off bar prices and events run by the centre.

Covid-19 Policy




  1. Multiple users coming into the centre
  2. Too many people at any one time
  3. The need to provide distancing measures
  4. The need for enhanced cleaning
  5. Reassessment of groups and the size of the rooms that they inhabit
  6. The need for hand sanitizing stations
  7. Signage to remind people of the risks
  8. PPE requirements to cut the risk of passing on infection
  9. Measures required for track and trace
  10. Measures needed to use the kitchen


  1. User groups have been contacted to determine which are coming back. There have been a number who will not return this year, which automatically cuts down the number of bookings. The Committee have determined that groups will be separated whilst in the Centre, by changing which rooms they use and not double booking the lounge and Hall and ensuring longer times in between bookings. This may mean having to alter long standing bookings for some of the regular groups to cut the risk.
  2. User groups have been asked to assess their respective groups, and to restrict numbers if they are larger. New maximum number limits have been set for the rooms as follows: Lounge – 15 people, Hall – 40 people, Back meeting room – 6 people, Gallery – 20 people. The Charity Committee have decided to not hold any fundraising events in the centre for the foreseeable future, as they would gather too many people.
  3. Groups have been asked to consider their individual room set ups and requirements, to ensure that users are sufficiently distanced. Signage is provided to remind people to distance whilst in the centre.
  4. Our cleaning regimen has been assessed, and enhanced measures are being taken ready for reopening. Electric hand dryers have been removed in the toilets, and towel dispensers provided. User Groups are also asked to keep to the rooms that they have hired, ensure that they clean the kitchen with antibacterial materials which will be provided by the centre, and also the door handles, tables and chair arms that they have used prior to leaving. The Charity has purchased a cold fogging machine that very effectively sterilises rooms and equipment, and will be used regularly, particularly after large groups and exercise groups.
  5. Each user group has been considered, to make sure that they are in a room large enough for the size of their group. As a result of this, some have been asked to relocate to larger rooms, for the same hire rate that they normally pay, for the duration of this pandemic. Some groups have been asked to restrict their numbers, as they exceed our maximum limits.
  6.  Hand sanitizing stations are being placed in 7 areas within the centre, to ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for people to use this necessary equipment.
  7. Signage to remind people of the 1metre distancing, handwashing and sanitizing requirements have been purchased and are being placed around the centre to ensure awareness.
  8. Gloves, disposable aprons and masks and face visors have been purchased for volunteers and employees of the centre. We have also asked the individual user groups to consider these measures for themselves.
  9. Each group has been asked to apply track and trace strategies for their group, supply the centre office with the list of names and contact numbers for that session before they leave, and to keep it on file for the required 21 days. They must also bring this information with them each time they use the centre and provide the authorities with the information if required.  The centre will also follow this advice and ensure that everyone who comes into the centre is on file.
  10. Being a smaller space, the kitchen will have a maximum of 4 people allowed at any one time. Gloves and disposable aprons will need to be worn and must be supplied by users. Sanitizer and antibacterial sprays will be provided by the Centre. Following advice from Environmental Health, users are advised to wear face shields whilst working in the kitchen.

This risk assessment may be altered and updated as requirements change.

Any group or individual who does not adhere to the new guidelines as set out in this document may be asked to leave the centre.

Carolyn Burn, Chairperson.