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Forthcoming Exhibitions

The Gallery @ The Venue

Dave Morris

The Photographic Exhibition will opened Monday 7 December 2020 and due to the lockdown has remained in place until the lockdown is lifted hopefully mid Feb 2021. Viewing would then be by appointment between 10am – 1pm in The Gallery at The Venue

I was originally going to be showing with the painter Paul Darley, but he couldn’t make it this time around.
It’s been one of those months, I’m sure you’ll agree.
But the show will go on; an eclectic mix of work, from the familiar to the dark.
A Winter landscape was taken in Gunton Park when we used to have hard biting winters!
My website will give you a bigger view of my work.
Hope to see you at the show, where you will also see some beautifully observed social distancing.