Zenmama Pregnancy Yoga with Louella Jeffrey-Bunston on Fridays. Pregnancy Yoga 9.15 & Postnatal & Baby Yoga with massage 11am.

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Whilst working full-time I really felt my life was missing the balance it needed, to improve my health and wellbeing. I was unknowingly constantly in fight or flight (in the stress response) which negatively affected my health making me tired, fatigued, and ill. I discovered hypnobirthing and yoga during pregnancy. I found yoga brought me the balance, grounding, and confidence I was looking for. It was the missing link, something that combined the wellbeing of my mind as well as my body and understanding how they are connected.

I did not get the birth I planned, many of my birth preferences had to adapt and change as the birthing developed. I am so grateful to have sought out hypnobirthing as the tools and techniques I learnt helped me have a better birth and achieved amazing things in difficult circumstances. I would love to share these fantastic tools and techniques and many, many more I have learnt since, as I know from personal experience that they can have a profound effect on any birthing experience.

Once my daughter arrived, I started practising postnatal yoga and baby yoga and massage with her, which she loved, and it provided us with a great opportunity for bonding and connecting. As she has developed so has our yoga practise, my practise helps me prosper every day.

I look forward to helping others on their path and journey into parenthood through hypnobirthing and yoga. Empowering parents to trust in their intuition, for better and enjoyable birthing experiences. Providing an opportunity to share knowledge and help others in building their confidence and connection with their body and baby.

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