Fitness Pilates followed by Paracise – Mondays

9.30 – 10.15am & then 10.30-11.15am Main Hall

Annabel Greenwood  07896 476763

Fitness Pilates takes a more functional approach to the traditional Pilates class. The main principles of Pilates are applied but to functional movements we make in everyday life. Each class has standing and floor exercises with some flow sequences. The deep postural muscles are targeted throughout the class building a strong core. Smaller, often neglected muscles are also focused on, rebalancing our bodies.
Fitness Pilates makes you stronger, more mobile and flexible and gives improved balance. It tones to give a leaner body shape, good posture and a flatter stomach. Like all my classes we work hard but have fun. You get to have some time out, escape the stresses and strains of life for an hour and give your body some tlc.